Specialised Dog Training in Geelong | PAWSonal Training
At PAWSonal Training we provide a personalised service, because every dog is unique, every owner is unique, and every situation is unique.
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Behavioural and Obedience Dog Training in Geelong and Melbourne

We are a dog training service that understands that every dog is unique, every owner is unique, and every situation is unique.

Whether it be dealing with a serious dog behavioural problem such as reactivity and aggression; obedience dog training; rehabilitating a recently adopted rescue dog; socialisation issues or welcoming a new puppy into your home, we can help. We teach you how to develop and strengthen the bond between you and your dog through effective communication so that the relationship between you and your dog can be transformed.

Communication is a two-way process, and many of the problems owners encounter with their dogs stem from the fact that, inadvertently, the necessary communication has broken down, never existed in the first place, or has become a one-way stream of commands directed at the dog from the owner―or even a stream of commands directed at the owner from the dog.

PAWSonal Training offers a unique client experience in the way we apply our advanced dog training and dog handling skills. And when necessary, we introduce a specialist Behavioural Control Dog, working alongside the highly-experienced and qualified dog trainer, in both the assessment and active training of your dog to achieve the results you want.

Let us help you develop a bond that will last a lifetime.