Dog Behavioural Training Geelong | PAWSonal Training
At PAWSonal Training we provide a personalised service, because every dog is unique, every owner is unique, and every situation is unique.
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Behavioural Dog Training in Geelong and Melbourne

rottweiler et chihuahua

The modification of dog aggression and reactivity is one of our specialist fields. Using advanced handling techniques, your dog is trained in a unique, safe and non-confrontational way, by a highly-experienced and qualified trainer working alongside our Behavioural Control Dog. This maximises and accelerates success.

Enjoy the experience of seeing a perfectly balanced Behavioural Control Dog expertly teach your dog how to behave in a balanced and socialised way.

Behavioural dog training also covers a wide range of other issues such as anxiety, fear, dependence, separation anxiety, nuisance barking, chasing, and destructive behaviours. But whatever the behavioural problem, PAWSonal Training can help using positive, psychology-based methods and strategies.

For many of these other scenarios the Behavioural Control Dog is also employed to build confidence and understanding and teach your dog in a language that it understands.